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About Taxation

1. What is the current mileage rate for business use of my automobile, medical or moving purposes or miles driven in service of charitable organizations?
The following chart reflects the new  2023 standard mileage rates compared to the 2022 through 2019 tax year standard mileage rates.

It is necessary to document your deductible miles to get a deduction. We recommend the use of a mileage log. (Click for PDF).
Documentation may seem to be a lot of work, but is a necessary evil. Remember the saying “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen”. This is so true when defending your tax return before an IRS agent.

2. How do I check on my refund?
The IRS has a link on their website that can tell you the status of your refund. (You will need your social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of your refund to access this information). (Click Here to Check on Your Federal Refund)

Check on the status of your state refund also.
Kansas: https://www.kdor.org/refundstatus/default.asp
Missouri: https://dors.mo.gov/tax/taxinq/welcome.jsp

3. How long does it take to get a refund?
A federal refund generally takes 10 days to two weeks once it has been filed electronically, but that is not a guarantee. The IRS has the authority to hold the refund on any return that they want to examine closer.  Typically these are returns with refundable credits, such as the “Adoption Credit” and the “Earned Income Credit”.

4. How can I get current forms W-4, W-9 & I-9
These forms are on our Forms page.

5. How do I know what my clothing items and other household items are worth that I donate to Charities such as Goodwill or Salvation Army?
Click here for a  PDF of a non-cash Charitable Contribution guideline worksheet which will give you values for your donated items.

6. How do I contact the IRS?
The general phone number is 1-800-829-1040.  If you are responding to a notice there may be a more specific number on the notice.  For a list of addresses Click Here.

7. If I live in one state and work in another, do I have to file a tax return for both states?
Yes; if you live or work in a state you are required to file and pay taxes there.  You only pay taxes to a state for the income earned in that state.  State returns have forms that allocate income in a manner that prevents it from being taxed by both states.
Kansas Tax Questions: http://www.ksrevenue.org/taxindcontact.html
Missouri Tax Questions: http://dor.mo.gov/contact/

About Our Office

8. What will you charge to prepare my tax return?
The standard charge for a basic tax return is $375.00.  This includes the 1040 with schedules A & B, and one state.  There are additional charges for returns with additional states, rental property, business schedules, capital gains, and/or other special situations.  Call for a quote if you have a return with these items.

9. Can you talk to the IRS for me?
Yes; this requires a signed power of attorney form which will allow us to talk to the IRS on your behalf. We will prepare this form for your signature.

10. What if I receive a notice from the IRS?
Please have us review it before you pay it.  Often there is a mistake on the IRS’s part or a tax or penalty has been charged that does not apply to you.

11. How do I set up an appointment to meet with David?
Call our office at 913-432-1040 or send a request via the “contact page” to arrange a time.

12. Can I drop off my documents or do I need to have an appointment?
You are not required to have an appointment, however, if it is the first time we are preparing a return for you, an appointment is a good way to insure that all relevant items are considered in preparing your return.

13. How long are the appointments?
Appointments are scheduled for one hour.  This is a part of the tax preparation fee and there is no additional charge.

Business Rate Per Mile

Medical and Moving Rate Per Mile

Charitable Rate Per Mile